Welcome to the Mardeck Graphic Design Store. 

If you are interested in creating reasonably priced advertising to use for your own website, newsletters, magazines, or FaceBook, etc. then you have come to the right place.  We also create kennel business forms, kennel / business cards, letterhead, and puppy sales contract documents. Just contact us at info@mardeckgraphicdesign.com to discuss your ideas and to get a quote.

We have products listed below which you can purchase using your credit card or PayPal. We can also customize the products you like by using pictures of your own dogs, cats, or other pets. Just contact us at info@mardeckgraphicdesign.com to discuss and / or get a quote. 

More products such as mugs, T-shirts, etc. will be added shortly as we prepare for holiday shopping. Please sign our guestbook and let us know what you think of Mardeck Graphic Design. Please feel free to browse and to suggest things you would like to see offered here. Thank you.


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    Thanks for the tour.

    Thanks for the tour.

Custom Calendar

Custom Calendar

Products For Sale Listed Below

All products shown above can be customized using your own pet's photo's starting at $50 for one calendar and 18 for each duplicated custom calendar. 

Other customisations can be discussed and quoted by contacting Mardeck Graphic Design at info@mardeckgraphicdesign.com. 

We look forward to working with you to create a product  you will be proud to own or to give as gifts. 

To see samples of advertising created by Mardeck Graphic Design please click here. SAMPLE ADVERTISING